The Archive




Photograph of Tony Cowling.

The Testaments Archive contains 538 interviews on digital video (approximately 1,100 hours). From these full-length interviews, we have edited short video 'chapters' for the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy and HMCS Haida, where they are displayed in video kiosks are a part of the permanent exhibits. In addition we’ve created hundreds of video chapters for Veterans Affairs’ Canada and the Royal Canadian Military Institute. The creation of these personal testaments will provide a singular way through which history can be studied; a tool with which our history may be seen in a fresh and distinctive light. Here we have the veterans of Canada’s military history say to us in their own words, ‘This happened to me.’


In this Internet portfolio, we are pleased to present twelve example chapters:

Here are links to two parts of a Remembrance Day documentary from 2002 featuring my dear friend Dick Bartlett (who died in 2010). The documentary was shot in Victoria (BC), and was directed by Mark Goodall.



Since 1999, the Testaments project has interviewed 537 veterans from across Canada. These include interviews with both women and men, Francophones and Anglophones, from all branches of the service as well as civilian war industries, and from every province in the country. Copies of these interviews are available on DVD and in various digital video formats.